Our workshops are scientifically proven to improve well-being and happiness by up to 100%!

Return on investment is £5 for every £1 spent (Deloitte, Mental health & Employers Jan 2020) 
Created and developed from personal experience and inspired by six years of research and design have led to these inspirational and motivating workshops.

These inspiring workshops incorporate activities and interactive talkative techniques that allow individuals to be open in a safe space whilst they reflect, practice simple techniques and teach themselves to shine like STARS® whilst working with trusted STARS® Well-being associates on the topics below.

Focusing on spotting the signs and symptoms of mental health illness, the programme quickly moves on to the STARS® Well-being KIT, enabling individuals to support themselves and others, whilst facing difficulties with mental health and other life challenges, some of which may have exasperated or even precipitated the illness.

STARS® Well-being in addition to supporting mental health recovery, also works towards a happy and fulfilled life, living on ‘your own terms’, and provides a set of tools and techniques which are practised during the workshop, building confidence in yourself and others you may be supporting.

The STARS® Well-being approach  – success and fulfilment through simplified learning.

Modules – bespoke to meet organisational needs

All workshops are HALF DAY to ensure value for money and efficiency

  1. Mental Health Refresher – Spotting early warning signs, STARS® Well-being Continuum
  2. STARS® Well-being KIT – Increasing well-being for all, in 8 simple steps, evidence based, using STARS® unique acronym
  3. STARS® Well-being Mentor Programme – Assessment, communicating effectively, mentor support, preventing absence
  4. STARS® Well-being Mentor group Supervision – Ensuring long term well-being strategies and sustainability
  5. STARS® Well-being Accelerated Success – Managing and training the ‘attention’ muscle, as used by blue chip companies inc. Microsoft, Nokia, Nike, L’OREAL and many more

Mindfulness  – 8 week bespoke programme  Available in groups or one-one for busy professionals; in your workplace, or in a private and relaxing environment.