When children and young people have good levels of well-being it supports them to; learn more effectively, feel and express all their emotions, helps them to form positive relationships , cope with and manage change, setbacks and challenges, enables them to thrive, and most importantly be happier!


Gaining a sense of well-being is not something that is only possible for a lucky few. For well-being can be created within virtually all pupils and students through giving them an understanding of what well-being is, and how one can achieve it.


Indeed, once achieved, well-being itself becomes the source of a successful and enjoyable life, as people with higher levels of well-being tend to live healthier, happier and longer lives.

 To help children make this journey into well-being, we offer a series of training modules for teachers and managers within primary schools which are available on-line or in person, as well as a FREE one-to-one on line introduction to STARS®


“Julie has developed STARS well-being programme and has successfully delivered this through a local school and regional NHS conference  receiving excellent feedback” 

Sarah Cox, Managed Care Network Lead, LPFT NHS Foundation Trust


“72% of children increased their level of happiness by at least one scale point* after just 3 months implementing STARS”

Mrs Marrs, Headteacher, Newborough Primary School 

(*based on the Well-being and Involvement in Care settings scales, Leuven University)