About STARS® Well-being

STARS® Well-being offers dedicated and trusted experts who provide training, education and consultancy support through well-being strategy development.



Our customers and our communities are our priority. That’s why we’re continually monitoring guidelines and advice provided by the UK Government and Public Health 

England. We are currently supporting Businesses and individuals remotely via video link.


STARS® is a unique and universal method of well-being training to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. whilst increasing productivity by 12% and employee satisfaction by 37%.

STARS® engages individuals, through simplifying evidence -based strategies, to radically improve wellbeing swiftly, sustainably and cost effectively.

With the recognition of excellence from the NHS Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust and ‘Brilliantly engaging’, Neil Thomas, OBE, plus a FREE viability consultancy service; you can experience the training for yourself and bespoke the modules to meet your needs.

“Best workshop, thank you for making well-being so easy to remember and implement daily with the STARS KIT” (Active Lincs. NHS conference)

The STARS® Well-being Mentor programme upskills employees in assessment and communicating effectively, to support individuals well-being without delay, preventing absence and loss of productivity.

To discuss how STARS® can be tailored to your organisation’s  requirements, meeting your budget and target audiences, we invite you to contact us:

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